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Dr Sebastiaan Pretorius

About Dr Sebastiaan Pretorius

Dr Sebastiaan Pretorius is a medical doctor with over 12 years experience. His passion lies in medical aesthetics where he utilizes non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques to address skin, hair and other aesthetic conditions. He offers a wide range of services and tailors his patients’ treatments on individual basis to meet their specific needs.

“The body works like an orchestra and as the conductor, our role, as doctors, is to achieve harmony in the body, mind and soul.”

Medical Aesthetics creates a platform for live art, the skin being the canvas. The aim is to look fresh and natural. He finds joy in sharing his patients’ journeys and aiming to create self confidence and improving the way in which people perceive themselves.

“Our skin is the one garment we wear everyday, why not invest in it?”


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